Nordic design is a celebration of everything that is pure and natural. It is a salute to clean lines, to understated elegance and to honest functionality. The AQVIA sparkling water makers from AGA capture the essence of this. Developed and produced in Sweden, the AQVIA sparkling water makers are made with care and dedication to craftsmanship, and with devotion to the refreshing bubbles that revitalise our natural drinking water – all with the aim of perfecting the art of sparkling water.




AQVIA Sparkling water makers

- from tap water to sparkling carbonated water

With a single press of a button, AQVIA sparkling water maker transforms water fresh from the tap into sparkling carbonated water. Just like that. The AQVIA sparkling water makers are produced in Scandinavia with an eye for design, function and quality. All parts are environmentally friendly and recyclable.

AQVIA has been awarded top marks in consumer tests – choose between:
AQVIA Exclusive – pure luxury in stainless, lacquer finish steel.
AQVIA Balance – timeless plastic with Softell details.


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AQVIA Flavours

- sweet, sour or refreshingly fizzy?

Enjoy your home-made sparkling water with a hint of fruit, whether it’s sweet peach, pomegranate and elderflower on bitter lemon/lime or refreshing pear and strawberry/lime. AQVIA has supplemented its world of sparkling bubbles with AQVIA Flavours – with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners – AQVIA Cider and AQVIA Soda Flavours, which are sold both with and without added sugar. All flavours have been developed and produced in Scandinavia.

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AQVIA Water bottles

- worthy of the best laid tables

AQVIA water bottles come in a variety of vibrant, bright colours with top and bottom in stainless steel. The water bottles are manufactured from PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and completely free from BPs. PET is the ideal material for storing drinks, and its properties are well-suited to carbonated drinks and the CO2 released in the drink. AQVIA water bottles are supplied in both 1 litre and 1/2-litre models.


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- fizz for your sparkling water or fizzy drinks maker

One CO2 cylinder from AGA makes roughly 60 litres of sparkling water. The CO2 cartridges can be exchanged across the Scandinavia. Find a retailer that exchanges CO2 cylinders in your area.

AGA CO2 cartridges are suitable for all sparkling water makers and fizzy drinks makers on the market, including AQVIA sparkling water makers, WasserMaxx, SodaStream, Soda-Club and Soda-Fresh, as well as the Electrolux refrigerator “Source” and the AEG refrigerator “Aqua Fizz”.


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